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Welcome to Victoria Vel Nex

We Where a progression raiding guild on the Greybriar shard.
We are currently 5/11 HK and 4 of 4 in RotP.

Our goal was to create a very fun, relaxed and drama-free guild for all of our members. 

If you' where interested in joining Victoria Vel Nex Here's a few things you should have known
We use to use this website for raid sign ups.

Our raid schedule was: Monday thru Thursday for HK. We started at 6:00 PM server time and run until 8:00 PM server time. On off days we often run T1 raids as well as form 10 man raids for RotP.

Raids where posted on the raid calendar (on this site) about one week in advance. Raid invites started at 5:45 PM server time. We started inviting from the top of the list and work our way down. Anyone not online by start time may be replaced by someone below spot #20.

We where currently looking for HK ready raiders. But if you're close to HK geared, or even a fresh level 50, we would have  assisted you in getting prepared for HK.

Raid History:
20 Man
GSB on Farm
ROS on Farm
HK 5/11
10 Man
GP on Farm
DH on Farm
ROTP Full Clear
Guild News

Loot rules

Neckra1, May 5, 12 9:19 PM.

Sicaron Down

Zerr, May 1, 12 10:49 PM.

   Sicaron Down taking VVN to 5/11!

New Loot System

Neckra1, Apr 9, 12 9:04 PM.
New Loot System Rules Please read them!! In the member forums.

Vladmil Prime Down

Zerr, Mar 28, 12 1:24 AM.

   Vladmil Prime Down taking VVN to 4/11!

Zilas is dead

Neckra1, Mar 26, 12 11:29 PM.

   Soulrender Zilas is dead

GSB and ROS Raids

Neckra1, Mar 7, 12 3:14 AM.
Incase you were wondering all Green Scale Blight and  River of Souls  willl be run on the weekend as an unscheduled Raid as a minimum the weekly quest will be done. Both will be run based on availability

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acesfool (Acesfool)
Neckra1 (Neckra)
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Okren (Kronus)
Zerr (Zerroth)
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